Team Sessions

Create a strengths-based team/organization:

I facilitate workshops to support the creation of a strengths-based organization for an increase in engagement and performance. Those workshops are optimal for organizations going through a structural change.

The program consists of:
• A Gallup Strengths Assessment (34 Strengths) for all members of the team/ all the stakeholders involved
• An individual coaching session for a debrief of the assessment.
• A 6 hours workshop with all parties involved (or 4 x 1,5 hours if done virtually)

At the end of the workshop, each stakeholder will better understand how they uniquely contribute to the common objective of the organization and how to use each other’s strengths for reaching their goals.
• Employees, who say they use their strengths every day, are 8% more productive and 15% less likely to quit their job
• Workgroups that received strengths interventions saw significant improvement in sales and profits (10-19% increased sales, 14% to 29% increased profits)*

* Sources: Gallup’s State of the global workplace report (2017)

Enabling High-Performance Cross-Functional Teams

This 3-month program is a virtual program, which makes it accessible from different parts of the world. It can be customized to reflect the organization’s needs.

It consists of:
• 2 Individual team leader sessions*
• 2 Team sessions
• A flow of activities, that are implemented into the everyday business, to improve team dynamics, people engagement, trust, resilience, accountability, and deliver sustainable change

* Additional individual coaching sessions for each team member can be added for a debrief on the Strengths Assessment.

What you will get from this program:
• Achievement of tangible impact, through the creation of new behaviors, by increasing self-awareness and developing one’s strengths and getting out of the auto pilot
• A combination of the power of technology, with the e2grow platform, which makes it possible to scale up to any organization, and coaching, which provides an individualized journey for each of the team members

Successful teamwork starts at the individual level, by setting each employee up for greater performance in their role. Gallup’s research based on Q12 survey results from over 1.8 million employees across more than 82000 teams in organizations spanning nearly 50 industries, finds direct correlations between employee engagement and teams and organizational level outcomes such as: higher sales and profitability, greater productivity, lower turnover and absenteeism.*

* Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis

6 weeks Mental Fitness Program for teams/organizations:

Have you experienced negative emotions at work, because of what a colleague might have said, done or not done, which resulted in a negative spiral, pulling you down, leaving you frustrated, and making it difficult to focus?

If yes,
• Increasing your understanding on what is triggering you
• On what the motivation of others might be and what might drive their behavior
• Practicing on how to deal with such situations in a constructive way, by improving your mental fitness
could improve the collaboration and overall performance of your team and organization.

This is what this program is about. It consists of:
• Giving each team member access during the whole program to the Positive Intelligence App* with daily exercises and reflections to boost mental fitness
• Receiving weekly podcasts to deep dive into what mental fitness is about
• Having weekly group sessions with the whole team to support the application of the learnings**
• Participating at a 2 hours workshop during week 3 of the program, to better understand the team dynamics

* This program is based on the Positive Intelligence program created by Shirzad Chamine, lecturer at Stanford University
**Additional weekly individual coaching sessions can be added to this program

For information on rates, please email me at or call me on +4550432279 and I will send you a quotation.