About You

I have experience in global positions, working across several organisations in different countries and can coach in German, French, English and Danish. If you are an employee working with different parts of the world, if you are living abroad looking to be coached in your mother tongue, or if you just wish to have a coach with international background, then we are a match.


I will help you expressing and sorting what is in your head.
I will help you make the time to pause from your daily routine and ask yourself the right questions in order to work towards your end goal(s).

Some topics could be:
• Defining your personal and professional development plan and creating an action plan to achieve it
• Working on your leadership skills such as showing recognition, engaging your team, communicating clear expectations, giving feedback, managing conflicts
• If you are a generation Y or Z, I could help you practice good working habits to avoid being over-stressed, while remaining engaged, ambitious, and performing.


To make it easier to fit in your busy schedule and give you the flexibility that you need, I use programs such a Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype for our coaching sessions.
I am also happy to come to your office, should you prefer a face to face session.


I will help you set clear, measurable and achievable goals at the beginning of our coaching journey. I will help you discover your strengths and apply them along the way.
I will let you choose the topic you would like to cover for each of our sessions as new things can pop up, while always keeping the big agenda in mind.
Via powerful coaching tools, I will help you clarifying your next career step, increasing your self-awareness to define your priorities and realize what stands in your way, balancing work/life and/or developing your leadership skills. This to make sure that you are highly motivated and engaged, can perform at your best and can inspire as a leader.
I will send you coaching preparation forms to help you reflect after each of our sessions and help you prepare for the following one. That way you will get more from our sessions.
I will give you some challenges or “exercises” between sessions to make sure that you are putting those learnings into action.