Data handling

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Which personal information is being stored, for which purpose and how

I keep personal information on my clients in order to be able to keep in touch with them throughout our coaching journey and to be able to process invoices in accordance to the Danish regulation.

I keep the signed contract during our coaching journey.

I take notes or pictures of the whiteboard following each of the coaching sessions. I also keep the coaching preparation forms filled in by the clients, with the purpose of supporting our discussions during the coaching process.

Additionally, in order to keep my ICF certification, I have committed to the International Coach Federation (ICF) to register how many hours I am coaching and with which client. The registration contains name, email, phone number as well as coaching hours we have had together and on which date.


The personal information I am keeping are as follow:

  • The client’s name, address and phone number (Private or professional)
  • Pictures of the whiteboard
  • Documents related to our coaching journey as stated above
  • The amount of coaching hours as well as the dates when they took place

I only keep information that is necessary to provide the services bought by my clients, that is needed for my bookkeeping and tax registration and in order to remain compliant with the ICF.

Any personal information received from clients who decide not to be coached by me will be deleted immediately.

Legal basis

I treat my clients’ personal information in accordance to this agreement, reviewed and signed by the clients.

Forwarding of information

I only forward information about my clients’ name, address and phone number when doing my bookkeeping or when doing my tax declaration with my accountant.

Should ICF require a proof of my coaching hours, I would then forward my clients’ name, phone number and email, as well as the dates and amount of coaching sessions.

Under no other circumstances will my clients’ personal information be forwarded without the clients’ prior permission, unless against the law or where action might be necessary to prevent harm to the clients.

This is also valid in case of the clients not being the direct sponsors. If a company is hiring me as a coach, no personal information will be shared without previous consent from the coachees.

Storage and security

I keep my clients’ personal information, both electronically and physically, for the duration of the coaching journey and for a maximum of six months following the last session. All information no longer relevant to the purposes mentioned above, will be deleted.

Only me, Sophie Herschtel Keldsen, have access to this information that is password protected.


  • 6 months after the last session, I will destroy the physical documents with data related to the clients via a shredder machine.
  • 6 months after the last session, I will delete all mail correspondence regarding the coaching journey.
  • 6 months after the last session, I will delete all electronic folders and files with data related to the clients.

Clients’ access to personal information

Clients can request to have visibility on the information stored at any time during the coaching journey and 6 months following the last session. A copy can be provided upon request. Clients can also request to either correct or update the information, have it sent to a third party or have all personal information deleted.

Should the clients have remaining questions on how I use their personal information, they can contact me at

Withdrawal of the agreement

Clients can request at any time to have their personal data deleted. Should they wish to do so, an e-mail will need to be sent to

Right to complain

Complains on how I treat clients’ personal information can be sent to Datatilsynet via

Right to make changes

I reserve the right to make changes in how I store data. I will however inform my clients about those changes first.