“I have been working regularly with Sophie for more than a year now. Well... you may ask "Why did you, as a French person, look for a coach in Denmark?" Because Sophie is multicultural and combines all the assets of the danish, German and French cultures. She is both well- and open minded, and made me familiar with some management and skills-developing techniques I never heard of. I work in an industry that suffers a lot from the pandemic (hospitality) and for more than a year, Sophie has been helping me reshape my professional future. I could say that she always gives one good advices... But that is not the case... It is better than that... Sophie always helps you give yourself good advices and develop your hard and soft skills. For all these reasons, I truly recommend her... “ (Rozenn LeGoff, France)

“The Mental Fitness program is one of my best experiences this year. I warmly recommend to be coached by Sophie. Sophie has coached me for a period of six weeks this autumn has been a fantastic and inspirational journey to discover myself, the strengths, become responsible for my own happiness and really work on the important things in life. Sophie brings in amazing energy and deep focus, asking simple questions and guiding oneself to define concrete goals and actions for each module. The program has filled my life with more curiosity, more love and more peace of mind. I warmly recommend it to anyone that wants to explore own happiness, strengthen up personal skills and increase performance both at home and at work.“ (Ramona Ungureanu, Sweden)

“For anyone in need of looking at situations from a different perspective, change their mindset, then the Mental Fitness Program Sophie is leading will be a game changer. It did put light on some situation I was facing and helped me to handle them in ways it would generate inner positivity and self-empowerment. Sophie knows how to lead you in finding your own ressources and helping you to use them so you can grow from any negative experience you might be undergoing. I would highly recommend to be coached by Sophie. I had once the opportunity to work with her and she shines now and then at being a positive thinker, motivating individuals and teams. She is the best fit I could think of to endorse this Mental Fitness Program. Thank you Sophie for the good you and this program brought me.” (Lauren Routier, Singapore)

“I took part in the Mental Fitness programme that Sophie runs and it has been a game changer for me. Through her astute and empathic guidance, I have been able to identify and face saboteurs, at a point in my life where I needed to make changes, but didn't feel ready. Thanks to Sophie's patience and ability to pick out the essentials in our sessions, I am now on the road to a happier and more conscious life. With her guidance and sparring I have managed to overcome some of my biggest fears and I have learned to see myself in a different life. I recommend her to anyone who needs a push to change habits and move forward in their professional as well as personal life! " (Stine Bomholt Hansen, Denmark)