“Coaching with Sophie was a fantastic space to focus on different aspects of my life and how to move beyond. Sophie is amazing at asking the right questions to guide me towards the answer that is feasible and accessible. She is a very professional, intuitional, and communicates a positive energy that is empowering.”
A. N., Copenhagen, coaching held in French

“I have been coached by Sophie at a ”shaky” time in my life: international move, professional transition… Sophie helped me to put my feelings into words, as well as on what I wanted and what I didn’t want, my needs. I have enjoyed her listening skills (warm, positive and supportive), her engagement, her targeted questions, her reformulations and her efficient syntheses. Sophie helped me reviewing my goals, delineate my priorities, spot and silence my inner « saboteurs », I am now more serene regarding my expectations and clearer after this path walked together. A big thank you Sophie!”
A.T., Copenhagen/Basel, coaching held in French

“My coaching with Sophie has been a very empowering experience. It has helped me face challenges and changes in my life in a more serene way. Discussing regularly with Sophie has allowed me to put things in perspective and to feel more prepared and in control of my own destiny. Sophie is very good at asking questions that will bring new perspectives to an issue and to dig further and further until I have expressed all the concerns I have about it. Often I realise that being able to formulate my fears and worries about something during my coaching session already helped me to reduce them tremendously. Sophie is a very positive and energetic person and her way of coaching reflects that. She is able to create a continuity between the sessions and always keeps in mind the goals of the coachee. Her summary at the end of each session is very helpful to gather all the points raised during the session and to highlight the key takeaways.”
M.A. V., London, coaching held in French

“Sophie has an unique ability to make you feel comfortable and very quickly build a bond of trust. With her as your coach you feel safe to share inner thoughts and feelings, some of which you may even hide from yourself. From my conversations with Sophie I progressed without feeling that I had to struggle or make a hard effort to make changes. It was all about my mindset. She makes self-development so much easier and it is always a pleasure to have a session with her – even on the darkest of days. I can only give her my best of recommendations.”
S.R., Copenhagen, coaching held in English

“Coaching with Sophie was a great experience! It was my own “primetime” where my feelings and thoughts could be said out loud. Every single time I felt that I was in focus and I build the trust very quickly. The way Sophie was questioning and guiding me has encouraged me to express myself and dare to describe how I really feel about the discussed topics. Sometimes I was pushed to the limits but that just made me understand which priorities are most important for me and my personal development. Lastly, Sophie’s coaching helped me to realize which things give me satisfaction, challenge me or even make me sad. But what is most important I learned how I deal with challenges and busy schedule to achieve my goals. That was totally worth it!”
J.S., Copenhagen, coaching held in Danish